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YouTube Education Curated. Organized

Online Learning, You Tube Edu, Elearning
Brussels, Belgium
Public Beta

We are creating the world's largest online platform of free learning videos. Learn and teach anything for free! We curate and organize YouTube educational videos into courses learners can follow, track their progress, and create their own learning path.

YouTube is awesome; konoz makes it better by creating a space where teachers and learners are not inundated with clickbait and ads. We also make it possible for creators to receive direct contributions from their fans by offering Rewards that build engagement, such as private tutoring, video suggestions, Hangout sessions, and more.


We're open in Public Beta. We invite everyone who wants to learn something new today to go here: https://konoz.io
If you already have learning videos on your YouTube, claim your own channel on konoz and get started in minutes: https://konoz.io/teach All for free, of course.