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It’s the world’s first online shopping center for talent!

Recruitment, Sales
Arizona, United States

Invisume solves your passive candidate problem. Companies get quality, because people get privacy. Both save a tremendous amount of time. It’s the world’s first online shopping center for talent!

Job search wastes hours on resumes, applications, and first interviews publicly exposing happily employed people…so they don’t look or apply. A study by Marketo illustrated that HR spends 60% of its time sourcing, looking at resumes, and doing first screen interviews and only 40% of those that get through that process….and become their co-workers. Invisume gathers unique and private candidate details for companies to filter through passive candidates. Filtering thousands of passive candidates takes companies minutes vs. weeks of individual phone screening.

For candidates, they get the benefit of privacy and anonymity for as far into the process as they choose and the time savings of not having to HR-screen with every company that contacts them. Great candidates don’t have time for 30 minute HR-screens with every company, so they don’t bother. With Invisume, candidates are constantly HR-screened and they only receive offers that match.


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