iLoveCoding: Learn Javascript via Video Screencasts

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Chicago, United States

iLoveCoding is the “only” website that teaches code and focuses on Javascript Stack completely. While other websites focus on Ruby, Python, Javascript UX and design. iLoveCoding is all about using Javascript to become a Full-Stack Developer.

Here is how iLoveCoding different: Shows you how to deal with real world issues in programming Project-based Tutorials & Courses Specializes and goes deep into Javascript fundamentals and frameworks (Node.js, Angular.js, Express.js, etc) Makes you into a Full-Stack Developer (who can make Web Apps, Front-end/back-end, Mobile apps, Desktop apps and even Games) all by using just Javascript.

iLoveCoding is on a mission to make ANYONE into a great developer – someone who is confident in him/her self to take on challenges and build stuff.

iLoveCoding is for Javascript what is for Rails.


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