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Follow easy to use decision trees to answer your questions

Knowledge, Decision Tree, Platform
Log Angles, USA
Public Beta

iBoske allows users to obtain a tailored answer based on their needs thanks to decision tree technology, anytime, anywhere, immediate and for FREE!

And anyone can easily share their knowledge for FREE creating his own iBoske decision tree, and even embed it in their blog or website. Everyone is good at something, create a decision tree!


What problem are you solving?: When you need knowledge about something, you have to spend time learning. It would be great to directly apply other people's knowledge. There is no applied knowledge sharing free platform.

What is your solution?: For end users, our solution allows to apply directly other people's knowledge, tailored immediately right for their needs, using decision trees.

For decision tree creators, a way to share their knowledge. For websites, an easier way to solve clients questions and find their right product. For companies, a cheap way of sharing procedures.