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Intranet as a service, In its truest sence

SaaS, Office 365, Sharepoint, Intranet As A Service
San Francisco, United States

Hubfly provides a Digital Workplace enabling Intranet solution that comes integrated with a suite of proprietary business productivity apps to automate business processes such as holiday requests, service requests, project time sheets, booking of meeting rooms and asset management among others.

It is a ‘Plug-and-Play’ solution deployed on SharePoint/ Office 365 as a SaaS model, obviating the need to create an intranet from scratch. With Hubfly, business enterprises can enjoy a ‘dynamic’ intranet experience and a complete content management system wherein users do not need to know how to work on SharePoint in order to add engaging content.

The communication and collaboration tools are aimed at enhancing workforce productivity and helping organizations to become more agile through time and cost savings.


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