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HTML to Wordpress

Simple HTML to Wordpress Conversion Tool

Developers, Designers, Tech Entrepreneurs
Helsinki, Finland
Public Beta
Description is a simple drag & drop web app to convert any website into a wordpress theme in seconds.

Two main use cases it’s been developed for:

1)Convert current website into wordpress without the hassle it entails (paying for the service or the time sucking DIY option). Usually to get access to plugins, DIY maintenance and all that good stuff.

2)Workflow tool for developers & designers. It’s been an internal dev tool at a wordpress agency to save time in delivering projects. It’s just quicker and simpler to develop a static website than integrate WP into the workflow from the beginning. P.S. Also a ton easier and cheaper to hire people with good front-end dev/design skills than also requiring sufficient WP expertise.

So if you have a website that you’d like to convert into a wordpress theme - Now it’s stupid simple to do it. Looking forward to some brutal feedback (don’t worry about offending us, we’re grown up nerds heheh). Here’s the url again:


Just drag & drop current website into the converter. It'll spit out a Wordpress theme.