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Helprace solve cases easily


Crowdsourced feedback + help desk for your business

Cloud Computing, Saa S, Mobile, Web
Tampa, Fl

Helprace is a web application that allows your business to reach new heights in customer service. Helprace features a help desk that’s integrated with a customer-centric community and knowledge base.

The help desk is packed with innovative features such as canned replies and ticket routing to streamline productivity. Once your team gets bigger, you can collaborate using private notes and and track how well your team is performing with SLA (service level agreements).

The community allows you to understand your customers every step of the way. The feedback platform and widget allows users to ask a question, share an idea,report a problem or give praise. End-users need only to submit their name, email and password to create an account. Alternatively, customer service agents can invite users using the admin panel. Over time, as your ticket database (and user base) grows, you can build a knowledge base of frequently asked questions.


Naturally, we use our own software for support. See to get the feel of the end-user portal.