Broadcast your next coding session!

Development, Video, Infotainment, E Learning
Bc, Canada

HackBoxes is an online live streaming service aimed at developers, users, and students. Instead of building the next big app in private, why not do it live in front of your audience? With the ability to solicit feedback from current and future users you can make your audience a part of the building process!

With our built in code-sharing tools it makes it easy for any developer to teach others or even just collaborate on a project. Code-Sharing is at the heart of HackBoxes and we make it easy to integrate with existing services too! It doesn't matter if you are a one person team or an army of developers trying to collaborate across the world!


We are currently working had to bring HackBoxes to the masses, but we will need you help! Visit our website and click on the "Request Invite" button to get access to HackBoxes before anyone else! Use Referral Code: "StompStart".