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The personal knowledge sharing network

Mobile, App, Networking
Cincinnati, Ohio

Guidepost isn’t a social network. It’s a knowledge sharing network. It's the more personal, meaningful and secure way to connect with your network.

I launched the app to give users a trusted way to connect with those they trust while keeping their information private and secure. There are no public profiles…just sharing useful and relevant information so you can avoid annoying posts or friend requests. Guidepost is a more secure communication tool focused on sharing useful knowledge, ideas and information not chitchat. Each guide is based on a topic or question you create and share with only those you choose from your contacts.

The guide is meant to be a collaboration so those who are invited to the guide add content in the form of links, photos, locations, and notes so that the group can answer questions, find the best options and exchange ideas that lead to real discovery.

It’s great for planning events, travel, work groups, sharing articles, Q&A and discussing relevant topics that matter to you and your contacts.

Download Guidepost and unlock the power of your personal network.