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The Feedback App - A modern take on the Better Business Bureau

Advertising, Analytics, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software
Kemah, United States

GripeO is a modern customer service platform for consumers and businesses, which uses mobile and social technologies to address growing frustration in how we provide companies feedback. Users submit feedback for any business from one consolidated mobile app, or website, typically in under a minute. Verified businesses can respond to and analyze feedback. Unverified businesses are encouraged to verify and address the issue through social media encouragement, using GripeO. If feedback is completely ignored, it is offered as a highly qualified lead to competitors, in the Complaint Marketplace. Additionally, verified businesses are offered tools to improve their help desk experience. Playing on the concept of complaint feedback actually being an incredible opportunity, the GripeO Social Lead generation toolkit cross references competitive keywords with hashtags like #badcustomerservice, follows them, and reports if the user follows back. This allows businesses to then reach highly qualified leads, at just the right time. GripeO's vision is to grow as a feedback aggregator by making it easier and more convenient to submit on one's own terms, while still guiding and shaping that feedback in a way that provides value to businesses. GripeO will continue to assess new ways to bring data into the platform, be it through new inputs like website widgets and text messaging, or data collection methods, like scraping.