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Geotargeting made easy

Marketing, Personalized Software
Missoula, Montana

We exist to bring personalization online. Imagine looking at a college far away from home. On the website’s homepage is a testimonial from someone in your state and a list of alumni working nearby. GeoFli creates a website experience that makes it easy for customers to find and consume the content or messages relevant to them.

Colleges currently do this in the expensive world of direct mail (differentiate direct mail pieces depending on location) and in email marketing plans by differentiating email communication to different parts of the country. It happens after the lead is generated, but what about before? This changes the world of higher education enrollment because it segments prospective students pre-acquisition or inquiry.

Predictive models show different behaviors when it comes to degree preference, time of application and yields from application to enrolled student. Knowing that students from Illinois have a higher interest in forestry degrees than students from Washington, a college could expect higher conversion rates from visitor to application in Illinois by showing that audience a forestry student, while showing the Washingtonian an interview with a business executive.

Users suffer when content is stale. Companies have one homepage URL for all visitors. A visitor from Pennsylvania that wants information on Penn State will see the exact same information as a visitor from Florida.

Data shows an increase in open rate 50% higher when email marketing is segmented by location. The same is true of homepage messaging and yet for most colleges, the homepage remains static.


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