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Freya is a new magazine that explores current issues through fashion

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London, United Kingdom

Freya is a new magazine that explores current issues through fashion. Filled with inspiring, unique and intelligent content, the magazine is attractive both visially and substantively. Freya’s first issue will evolve around Muslim modest dress, exploring everything from the rise of Islamic sportswear to Europe’s obsession with the face-veil. Through the different categories; Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Politics, the magazine covers a high range of topics that relate to the theme, but it also includes articles that explore femininity. Each issue Freya magazine will explore a new theme, aiming to stimulate awareness acceptance and tolerance for these current issues.

The Magazine:

The magazine's size is 20cm X 26cm (7,9 in x 10,2 in), 120 pages, and all text is written in English. It includes photoshoots, fashion images and illustrations, but mainly in-depth and intelligently written articles. In the four months of creating Freya magazine I collaborated with many inspiring and professional journalists, photographers, models, illustrators, make-up artists, hair stylists and stylists. These multiple voices created a strong fashion magazine that explores Muslim modest fashion from different angles. (Art director: Laura Johnson. Writers: Farhana Qazi, Habon Jama, Nada Abdul Ghaffar, Sarirah, Shaista Aziz, Zinah Nur Sharif, Marloes Hagenaars Photographers: Anna Urik. Kathrin We, Thomas Aangeenbrug. Illustrators: Georgina Trestler, Grace Dickinson, Jeremy Combot, Josh Bristow, Tim Jager, Stylists: Flaminia Vannozzi, Zinah Nur Sharif)


My goal is to print 400- 500 copies of Freya Magazine. These will be partly distributed to your home and I would love to sell the other part in a magazine or bookshop near you. So if you would like to buy a copy of the magazine, please select one of the rewards. The costs for launching this magazine include: printing costs, distribution costs and the license to use fonts. Here is the link to the kickstarter campaign:

How does funding work?: Kickstarter uses an all-or-nothing approach to fundraising. This means, that your payment will not be charged at this time but only if the project is successfully funded.

Rewards Besides funding Freya Magazine on Kickstarter you can also buy a variety of rewards. Click here for more information