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Foci app. Describe events and places on map using information from different content sources

Android, App, Focus, Location
London, England

Foci is a geosocial network and mobile app which allows you to place your content on the world map. The sources of your content can be uploaded via social network accounts, web pages, music streaming services, online videos, applications and others. Users who are near the place can view your content, like and share it.

-Describe your favorite places colorfully and fully using information from different content sources -Use colors for emotional descriptions of a place: joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, interest - Find places that you are interested in and suit your mood -Rate places with your likes and dislikes -Follow people and their marked places

Shops, restaurants, theatres and clubs..., they are only places. They are empty without your emotions, impressions and feelings. Pleasure, happiness, surprise and sadness are filling them. Are you searching for just a place? Certainly, not! You have been looking and you are still looking for emotions only! Hurry up to places where impressions live. Focus emotions and awake feelings!