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Fluid Browser

Fluid Browser is a Floating Transparent Browser for Mac or Floating Transparent Browser for Mac

College Students, Professionals, Photoshoppers, Photographers
Denver, Us
Public Beta

Fluid is a floating browser built to view your favorite media like Netflix, Youtube and Hulu right alongside your work. Fluid works just like any other browser, however, once active Fluid only shows your media or web content hiding away all other features of thebrowser.

There is only so much space on your computer screen, Fluid Browser makes the most of it. Fluid floats on top of open applications and can easily be resized. Fluid gives the user full control over transparency by a simple touch of a keystroke to easily see and work behind content.

Using Fluid Browser URL’s, supported media sites automatically load full screen and look great on any monitor. Fluid is the most efficient way to multitask and work seamlessly.

Finally, Fluid Browser is beyond media. Upload or drag PDFs, images or movies (.mp4 for now, .mov coming soon) into the browserto increase productivity or reference work.

Use Fluid Browser to:

-- Watch Netflix while typing a paper -- Watch Hulu while shopping online -- Watch a tutorial while working with Photoshop -- Learn how to code while using Xcode -- Watch Twitch while playing Minecraft -- And much more!

List of supported media websites for edge to edge viewing:

-- Youtube -- Netflix -- Hulu -- Vimeo -- Youku -- Cable provider sites such as CNN, Fox News and others