Collect information from your clients - hassle free and on time!

Website Design, Digital Agencies, Accountants, Saa S
Auckland, New Zealand

FileInvite will transform the way you collect information from your clients – hassle free and on time! No longer do you have to receive multiple emails from clients, files that are too big, wrong files, late files and sometimes nothing at all. We have made the process simple – All you have to do is create and send a FileInvite with the information you require. The client then uploads the files and information to a centralized location.

You can tick information of the check list as your receive them and send automated reminders via email and sms to motivate clients if required. You can download the files at any stage straight to your computer or sync with your favourite cloud storage. With FileInvite you stay in control, impress your clients with professionalism and importantly save time and money.

FileInvite solves the issue of collecting information from clients in a range of different industries including: • Website design • Digital agencies • Advertising/Media • Accountants/Financial advisors • Lawyers • Insurance brokers • Mortgage brokers • Construction industry • Councils • Office administration • Education • And more…

Don’t delay - Impress your clients today by sending a FileInvite!