EuroTrip Planner

EuroTrip Planner provides a dedicated planning tool for travellers to Europe.

Webapp, Android, I Phone
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Public Beta

EuroTrip Planner lets you plan a trip to Europe, it focuses on travelers from outside Europe who are not yet that familiar with the continent. With a map orientation and a top down approach you will discover Europe bit by bit. When you find a place you surely don’t want to miss on you trip just hit the add button and you itinerary will show up on the map, mode of transport include air, road and railroad. Once the planning part is done you will be suggested to install the Android or iPhone app to take all the places, with you on your trip. Once the route is downloaded on the app it will work offline as well, this way you don’t have to pay for internet access on your trip and can travel well informed in all freedom.


The Android and iPhone app are not yet in store but visitors can already plan their trip with the web app. After launch of the mobile apps they will receive an email to inform them that they can take their itinerary on their go!