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Ebay for life's adventures.

E Commerce, Social
New York, United States

du+ch is a social marketplace comprised of the best elements of Ebay, Airbnb and Meetup. Users share the cost of any group activity. Individuals and corporations can set up a listing for anything from open seats on a private jet, to a summer house, a wine tasting or private chef's dinner to box seats at a sporting event. Our social element is our strength. We make it possible for people to plan with friends they already know or find other like minded du+ch users to share with. Like Airbnb, everyone has a profile with photos, verifications, reviews, and other personal information. Our email system makes it easy for all users to get to know one another before they plan a group activity. Hosts can confidently approve or decline interested parties and as spots are booked, other users can see the profiles of who has already committed to the listing. In short, pay your share and have fun with whom you want!