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Discover your Crowd Sourced Personality

Android, Mobile
Gurgaon, India
Public Beta

Facebook, Watsapp, Hike, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram…. we can go on and on. People are glued to these social networks trying to develop an identity for themselves. Who knows whether they are real or just faking it? When a company hires an employee, can it be sure of that person by just interacting with him/her for 30 minutes? When you are purchasing a second-hand product, can you be sure about the authenticity of the person selling it? While right swiping someone, you would want to know how popular the person is or why is he special among his/her friends? These questions and many more about people’s behaviour keep plaguing us regularly. But not anymore. We bring to you DIKY - Reverse Social Network, where you can Discover your Crowd Sourced Personality. It is a unique app where you can have fun vouching for your friends and family, and vice versa, Anonymously and Authentically. These vouches bring out the most admired qualities in you, and you can showcase to the world, “What your friends think about You”. What DIKY will also do, but in the near future is link all your review accounts to DIKY to make sure that all the reputation you have earned at different points, is collated at one place to showcase. It will tell the world how popular you are among your friends and also help you find the best peer to interact or transact with a great experience. Now, if you want to buy a product from Quikr or right swipe on Tinder or get a shared roommate on Airbnb, and you and want to know your prospective peer better, you don’t have to be tensed anymore. Just see his authenticity score and badge on DIKY and rest be assured. The possibilities are endless.


You can download the Beta Version of DIKY from the Google Playstore. App Link -