A global network providing a platform for collectors to showcase and exchange their items.

Collecting, Collectibles, Social network
London, UK
Public Beta

A website aiming to unite a 200 million-plus market. Collectorism is a place where users can showcase their collection and the passion behind it. It’s a place to meet fellow collectors without having the trouble of traveling to distant conferences or fairs. A platform that allows its users to exchange items with anyone from anywhere in the world. A chance to acquire new items every day!

Our image-focused design and the simple drag-and-drop system makes browsing and exchanging collectibles easier and more fun than ever. Alongside active collectors, who would hugely benefit from being able to find others not previously within their reach, there are many who have been living out this passion only for a short time and still have their stamp collection under their bed, or a set of carefully-ordered napkins in the cupboard. We trust that our website will reawaken their interest, and they’ll stop pondering about what to do with their old collections.


Our public beta is completely free to use and open for everyone. Thousands of items are already online, start browsing, uploading and exchanging collectibles today!