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Get rid of dropbox - cloudevs brings real privacy to your files.

Saa S, Cloud Storage, Data Storage, Data Privacy
Szczecin, Poland
Public Beta

cloudevs is new private cloud storage based on ownCloud, which is file sync and share software for everyone from individuals to large enterprises with over 2 mln users. Thanks to cloudevs users, who appreciate privacy the most,you don’t need to spend a lot of money or several hours to set up private and secure cloud storage. Their own sync&share platform will be set up and ready to use as soon as possible, and they don’t need to possess any technical wisdom. cloudevs team will do everything for them.

Cloud storages allow to save and synchronize data in the cloud, and then share and read them on any mobile device. These solutions are very popular with smartphones users. But also entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to this type of solution, so that employees can effectively collaborate together from every location and every device which they work.


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