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Find roommates before the lease is signed

Platform, Social, Roommates, Home
New York City, United States

Finding an apartment you want to live in and can afford is relatively easy, but this apartment usually requires roommates and the pain ensues with each compromise made. Roommate finders are inefficient as it is a two-step process and requires pay to play and usable apartment/roommate finders focus on the supply of already signed leases.

The longer-term vision, which further differentiates us is to become the Slack for home needs. CityALPS will work with universities/employers for those new to a city and since the focus is new leases, CityALPS positions itself to be the first point of contact for all home needs (moving services, furniture, leasebreaks, etc). There is already an infrastructure of many services addressing different needs for (changing) your home, so we do not want to recreate, rather partner with them to become the go to platform for all needs. Social and neighborhood features will increase use beyond the act of finding an apartment.


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