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Smarter Facebook advertising

Saa S, Social Media
Warsaw, Poland
Description offers smarter Facebook advertising. This self service SaaS platform allows you to create, run and optimize advertising campaigns on Facebook more effectively than other standard tools. Offering process automation, CPA bidding and Google Analytics integration, Catvertiser helps you squeeze out more out of your advertising budgets and concentrate on the real effects, not just clicks or ad impressions.

We also offer managed service for those who want to outsource Facebook advertising completely. Our clients are media houses, social media and advertisement agencies, as well as brands from Poland and over a 70 of countries from Europe, Asia and both Americas.


Facebook has become the second largest advertising platform globally, surpassed only by Google. Yet, advertisers, especially those smaller ones, are left with very little help to effectivelly use it. Tools provided by Facebook itself are complicated and don't give the full range of possibilities that the platform gives. A few third party tools existing on the market are targeted at enterprise customers. Those smaller ones have to struggle alone. simplifies and automates Facebook advertising and by providing the features hidden deep in Facebook's ads API, helps all advetisers make the most out of their buck. No more paying just for impressions or empty clicks thanks to CPA bidding model. No more wondering if Facebook ads really sell and if yes, how much. Thanks to Google Analytics integration every single creative will have the sales or leads it generated assigned to it. And with just a few clicks advertisers can now optimize their campaigns based on real ROI they yeld.