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Explore, map and research our oceans for their future preservation and protection

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Brisbane, QLD

We at Australian Oceanographics have announced an exciting and promising campaign to increase the understanding and awareness of Australia's vital ocean ecosystems. We are planning a major scientific research program under our sister not-for-profit organisation, the Australian Oceanographic Foundation, which is aimed to study, database and monitor marine environments along the eastern coast of Australia, particularly focusing on regions of concern, such as the Great Barrier Reef and proposed development areas. This project, called ‘C-SEA Campaign: Diving to new depths of ocean science' is our flagship research program and will involve researchers from around Australia and overseas. Under this campaign we are aiming to raise enough funds to mobilize our two DeepWorker research submersibles and commence ongoing at sea operations to improve the state and knowledge of Australia’s marine ecosystems. We are attempting to launch our C-SEA expeditions in the second half of 2014 and are committed to performing regular research and monitoring voyages on a continual basis for years to come. This flagship program for Australian Oceanographics will provide critical capabilities and equipment, including time at-sea onboard our research vessel, to Australian and international scientists for free.


Customers can be involved with our startup through our crowd funding campaign ( and via our website and Facebook pages. We are committed to keeping all interested people and customers updated with our progress and to keep them involved in our activities. Through participation in real oceanographic research, access to scientific findings and articles, taking suggestions for regions to study, and improving the overall knowledge of ocean environments, we aim to raise the awareness of our oceans and their habitats.