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Bucketbulb The social bucket list app

I Phone, Android
Zoetermeer, Netherlands

A bucket list is a list containing life goals or activities, which the maker of the list wants to do before his death. A lot of people have ‘bucket list ideas’, but don’t actually write them down. “But if you make your bucket list in our app, you make your wishes more real and specific, and you will pursue your dreams faster” says developer Bart van der Laan.

What’s great about this app is that you can make such a list, see and like other people’s items (bulbs) in the so-called Bucketcloud and expand your own list based on these ideas. You can add a picture to create a more inspiring list, and share the items on Facebook and Twitter. Some of the best ideas are to see all seven world wonders, to go to a tiger temple in Thailand, to see the northern lights, and to go to La Tomatina Festival in Spain.

Even though Bucketbulb is a new start-up, the app already has users from all over the world: 40 countries and counting. Bucketbulb: The Social Bucketlist is free and available for Android and Apple, on both smartphone and tablet. Wish it, add it, share it, do it!


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