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BITMONDS – Digital Luxury. Collectible. Wearable.

Blockchain, Luxury Digital, Gift Ideas, Fintech
Milan, Italy

Vanilla Rocket Startup launches the Bitmonds. High-definition 3D digital diamonds with which you can interact. Unique objects, generated by the user, whose designs are defined by user’s registration data. For this aspect they are all different, like users who generate them. It's possible to generate, gift, trade and wear them on a smartwatch.

We intend to demonstrate with our platform that the blockchain can enter people's daily lives without the obligation to possess cryptocurrencies.

Today we use it for a Digital Collectibles project, but it can easily be used in whitelabel mode for concert tickets, access to museums or public transport passes. The security of the blockchain, without cryptocurrencies. And with scalable performance thanks to a multiwallet technology of our invention. It is comparable to what is happening in the car world. First hybrid and in the medium term full electric. Great changes work like this.

We also intend to introduce a totally new concept in fashion. Luxury can become digital. The status symbol of the past is a Rolex, in the future will be a 3D digital diamond on the screen of our smartwatches.


Going to, just launched. special discount for users who will report to us stompstart followers. For 3 Bitmonds purchased, they will receive one for free. 1 free Bitmonds for each user registered with mail @