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Bar Roulette

Combines Yelp and Uber to take you to a highly rated bar.

Web App, Nightlife
San Francisco, CA

Discover a new bar with Bar Roulette. For those looking to break from routine, find an adventure, explore a new city, or simply want help deciding where to drink.

Bar Roulette is a new web app that combines Yelp and Uber to take you to a highly rated bar. Input your location, Uber whisks you to a random (but always top Yelp-rated) bar, which isn't revealed until Uber drops you off. Enjoy the adventure and try to guess where you're headed. It even checks to make sure the bar is open so it works on Saturday morning...we don't judge.

Stop going to the same bar every night after scrolling through endless Yelp results. Fix the indecision you face with a group of friends. Avoid the trouble of locating a good bar in a new city.

Simply input your location and how far you are willing to travel. Using Yelp’s API, Bar Roulette will then pick a highly Yelp-rated bar. Using Uber’s API, Bar Roulette then requests an UberX that takes you to the bar, only once you have arrived does the app reveal the bar name.

The app was designed and built by Tyler Swartz as a side project to explore a fun way to utilize Uber's new ride request API functionality.


Visit on a mobile device to get started.