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The free-market of student ideas

Students, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Creators
Cape Town, South Africa
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The world is increasingly becoming a place where innovation is transforming into a collaborative effort, and creative communities are the future of progress. We need to harness this unique potential that we possess as college students, with fertile minds and unwavering spontaneity and drive. It shouldn’t be the highlight of some big name contest, or a yearly fair, it should be a continuous process that connects likeminded individuals that share great vision on a platform that brings the corners of the world together in an unprecedented manner.

We are all a mélange of different aptitudes and skills, and by strengthening our connections across campuses and across the world, we can eliminate the factors that slow us down. A whole new pool of abilities and unique traits will be available at the click of a button. A programmer, a social enthusiast, a webmaster, a graphic designer or even a translator, these are the people that roam your halls as you walk to your dreaded calculus lecture.

If we start to think of the world not as a vast array of segregated nests of innovation and instead created a think tank that encompasses the world’s ideas, now that would be a vision worth sharing. But without a channel, the “Silicon Valley” effect cannot be achieved, and ideas are born and die prematurely and go largely unnoticed as a result. Perhaps the Silicon Valley trait is not linked to a physical location, but to a particular mindset about the world. These individuals come forward with ideas because there is this tactile yet well-concealed competitive ring, where the best ideas prevail, and others are doomed to be replaced by better, more elaborate and insightful ones. This is the free market of ideas.


All registered college/university students get free access to the website to post their ideas and become a part of the community. We also share regular articles on entrepreneurship and how nascent innovators and thinkers can take their ideas to the next level. Our suggested reading material is for anyone from curious minds to more seasoned student entrepreneurs. What are you waiting for?