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Sunny Landing Pages

A DIY Responsive Landing Page Builder

Marketing Automation, Saa S, Digital Marketing, Landing Page Builder
Bangalore, India
Public Beta

Our marketing automation SaaS product is currently is beta phase and can be accessible at Here are the points on what and whose problems we are solving.

Every marketing campaign needs a dedicated landing page for maximizing conversions and reducing Cost Per Click. But, marketers know that building good quality landing pages is a time consuming, manual process. Building an awesome landing page takes significant effort from cross-skilled teams (web developer, server admin, designer). Our tool helps every marketer: - Marketers can build pages by themselves rather than going to their design + tech teams - All of our pages are mobile responsive by default - Lead capture forms are free from Spam issues, validations are automatically taken care of - Page load time is optimized - Cost per Click and conversion ratios can be significantly improved by better page relevancy and higher adwords quality scores


Get early access to our product by registering at Give feedback about the product and get 6 months of premium account at 0$.