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Budget Hacks Through Traveler & Host Exchange

Saa S, Travel, Recruiting, Hospitality
London, United Kingdom

GigRove allows you to travel extremely cheap or to get a specific service for free through the exchange. Business Hosts provide accommodations and skilled travelers provide specific services. GigRove is a web platform where travelers can connect in order to exchange their personal skills (services) for a place to stay from a local business in the place where they want to travel. Business hosts around the world list on GigRove what kind of help they need, how many hours of help they require, and what they can provide to travelers. Travelers can list their skills and search for desired locations and the two parties can search and contact one another by skills, locations, etc. By inviting skilled traveler to their homes, business startups get the work done (like programming) for free, while in return providing a place to stay for that traveler. The purpose is to let the travelers experience more and also to allow businesses to get services done by providing accommodation.


On top of everything, GigRove is really easy to use. Within just a few clicks you can start connecting with hosts or travelers. You can sign up with an email or social account. There's a free trial for all new members. So basically you can select your role when you join - traveler or a host and act according to it.