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Enjoy a massage anywhere, anytime you want

Health & Wellness, Travel, Personal Health
One North, Singapore
Private Beta

AiraWear is the World's First Intelligent Massage Jacket that allows you to enjoy a massage anywhere, anytime. If you're experiencing back pain, shoulder aches and a stiff neck from sitting too long in the office (in front of your computer), driving long hours to work or flying 13+ hours from the US to Japan, then this is the jacket for you.

All you have to do is put on the jacket, zip it up, and select your favorite massage program. AiraWear also has a live posture assessment system which is supported by a posture sensor on the jacket. This posture assessment system tracks and records the posture of the person, reminding them of their posture state by massaging their lower back when they have poor posture.


We will be launching AiraWear in a crowdfunding campaign near the end of February. Customers can get early access to AiraWear by signing up to our email list via our website: