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Zagreb, Croatia
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Recruiting software that helps you find and hire the best tech candidates. Engage the right talent faster with the world's first specialized recruiting software for tech hiring.

The six steps of the Adopto’s approach to hiring:

Employer branding - The first step in successful hiring is good employer branding. Adopto gives you the option to present your company's culture, projects and teambuilding activities to future employees through our magazine, fully branded career page and company profile.

Candidate sourcing - We provide you with efficient sourcing tools to reach passive candidated more easily, distribute job posts to specialized tech job boards, utilize social networks and the referral program. We are the only recruiting software that comes complete with tech candidates.

Applicant Tracking - Adopto is a team-oriented tool that brings a complete overview of your hiring process to your entire team. You can track every interview, note, scorecard, status change or update for each candidate. Also, all email communication with candidates goes through our dashboard.

Testing - You don't need to use external services for candidate testing anymore. Our tool is integrated with best tech testing services and you can order testing with just one click. Test results will appear next to every candidate without additional data import.

Interview Candidates - We offer you every option you need to interview candidates. From scheduling the time and location of meeting with candidates, to of interview prep kits and finally, each candidate’s scorecard. See all scheduled interviews so you know when and who is interviewing a candidate.

Reporting and Analytics - With our powerful analytics engine you can learn more about your hiring process and improve it for future hiring. We visualize all the data you need in reports consisting of six parts: sourcing report, pipeline report, time to hire, performance management and candidate flow.


Customers can create a free account and use all features 14 days.