About StompStart

StompStart is an open initiative by Sourcey, which helps entrepreneurs get market traction for early-stage startups by showcasing them to early adopters and investors who are waiting to discover the latest startup gold. Not only do we give you a free listing, we actively promote your startup using our social media channels, and encourage other members to do the same through the Karma system. We love and support great startups!

How it works

  • Once you submit your startup to us, we will check it to ensure it meets the quality guidelines. The position of your startup will be determined by the good karma you generate once you have been featured. Please allow around a day or two for your startup to be checked and verified.
  • If your startup is rejected, you can then choose to amend your submission, or simply delete it.
  • If your startup is accepted, we will feature it for you. This is a free service.
  • If your startup is really outstanding, we may give you with a premium listing. Premium listings are designed to send your early adoption rate into the stratosphere. This service is also free - because that's the kind of people we are <3.
  • Once your startup is accepted, we will promote it through our social media channels. As a result you can expect to gain new twitter followers, retweets, facebook likes, and most importantly, signups!

Generating good Karma

StompStart uses Karma ranking to determine where your startup is displayed in the list. As in life, good Karma comes from what you give, not what you take. Through the simple act of sharing other great startups on StompStart, you will gain good Karma, thus raising the position of your own startups in the list. So to recap, you can feature your startup on the front page for as long as you like, as long as you share other listed startups with your social networks - it's that easy. Heres exactly how it works:

  • Facebook Like The startup gods smile upon you: +6 Karma
  • Facebook Unlike You've incurred the wrath of the gods: -6 Karma
  • Tweet The gods love Twitter: +12 Karma
  • Google +1 Googliness is next to godliness: +6 Karma
  • Google Remove +1 Are you playing games?: -6 Karma

Over time Karma begins to fade (-10 every day), so in order to maintain your position on the front page you will need to share a couple of other startups every day. At StompStart we help eachother to attain greatness.

Quality guidelines

Every startup will be ranked on the following criteria, which will also determine your initial ranking:

  • Innovation: Innovative ideas and new technologies are rewarded.
  • Practicality: The best startups provide a practical solution to a current issue, or change the paradigm completely.
  • Design: Startups with an eye for detail and will have an edge.
  • Pre-release: Only pre-release and early-stage startups will be accepted.

StompStart is not a platform for marketing spam. Not every startup is accepted, and only quality startups will be listed!