The most fun and anonymous way to follow what is going on around you!

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Izmir, Turkey
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About 2gossip, the most fun and anonymous way to follow what is going on around you! A social network specialized in gossip, confession, rumor and more!

What is 2gossip? 2gossip is new way to share! You have 2 options to post. You can post from your profile or send as anonym! Send as anonym button is completely anonymous! Your followers can see your anonym post in their home screen if they follow 10 profile. So they follow up what you send as anonym! You can see some of nearby anonym post at your home page even if you don’t follow! And read nearby gossips even not follow from Nearby Gossips Menu. So, see profiles around you! And comment their posts!

You can follow as anonymously! We call it “Listen”. So your followings stay in stealth! They don’t have yo know!

2gossip is location based services. You should choose your place for your post. You can choose your favorite places and keep in “My Favorite Places”. And You can see popular places! Now, places will be more fun.

When you creating profile, you can use your name or your nickname. If you want to be recognized, you should use your own name. If you want to stay in stealth or be a phenomenon, you should use memorable usernames. You can have multiple 2gossip accounts.

2 gossip isn't just gossip! We decide to categorize contents! Places have different boards! Gossip, confessions, rumors, girls, boys, clothes, couple alumni... This boards set by type of places.

Why? Want to speak anonymously? Want to know what is people really think? Would you want to read minds? Do you have something to confess? Want to hear gossip and confession around you? Want to find out who loves or hates you? Fun at places? Compliment freely?


Just join us and be our early birds! Early Bird; first members of 2gossip! This is for just first thousand members! Everyone around you will know you are one of first members!