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%28png%20image%2c%20851%c2%a0%c3%97%c2%a01330%20pixels%29 - Two Factor Authentication For Web / Mobile / Apps

India, Web, Mobile, Android
Mumbai, India
Public Beta
Description avails Faster and More Reliable API for implementing Two Factor Authentication ( Phone Verification ) with just a single API call. 2Factor Offers OTP delivery over VOICE and SMS.

For providing Faster OTP delivery, Dial2verify manages direct interconnect with Tier 1 Telco providers ( Viz. Vodafone and Airtel ), thereby delivering mission critical OTPs within 3-15 seconds.

For providing Reliability, Dial2verify manages multi-operator and multi-channel backup for OTP.

Best part is, 2Factor refunds the OTP credit, if it fails to deliver client OTP in first attempt and re-delivers the OTP via alternate channel / operator. Cost for 2nd attempt is bared by 2Factor team, giving best ROIs and Quality of service to our clients.