Software Projects


This website! Uses Django for the back-end, Bootstrap for the front-end and is hosted on a DigitalOcean VPS.

Technologies used: Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, VPS

Balcony Smoking Law Checker

A web app that notifies users if a certain address gets included in a Lithuanian law, which prohibits smoking in balconies and terraces of apartment blocks. The official document gets periodically scraped using BeautifulSoup and the addresses are saved in a MySQL database. The addresses are then compared to the ones that have been entered by users and a notification email gets sent if a match is found. User e-mail data gets encrypted before storing in the database and decrypted before sending the notification. The website was built using Django and hosted on a VPS.

Technologies used: Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Web scraping, SQL, Encryption, VPS

Bounce Game

A game that I started developing in order to learn the basics of game development, C# and Unity. Main inspiration for the idea was the “Bounce” game on older Nokia phones. Basic custom models were made with Autodesk Inventor.

Technologies used: C#, Unity

Movie App

A GUI app that shows currently trending movies and tv shows, detailed information on any movie or tv show and recommendations for them. TMDb and OMDb movie database APIs are used to get the required data. PyQT was used for the creation of the GUI.

Technologies used: Python, APIs, PyQT

Discord Bot

A Discord bot written in Python with the following functions:

!random (item 1), (item 2), (item 3)... – choose a random item
!moneta – heads or tails
!pamarskomu – rock paper scissors against the bot
!pamarskomu su (username) - rock paper scissors against another Discord user

For the rock paper scissors functions, code was taken from the previously created game and adapted to run in a Discord chatroom instead of the command line.

Technologies used: Python, VPS


A command line text game of blackjack. A fun simple project to see if I could develop a blackjack game with my limited knowledge of its rules.

Technologies used: Python

Rock Paper Scissors

A basic game of rock paper scissors. My first project that was built in order to get familiar with the basics of Python. First, I built a command line text game and later turned it into a GUI game using PyQT.

Technologies used: Python, PyQT