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Trumpet Page   Sydney, Australia

Trumpet Page is a showcase platform for contractors and freelancers (and those that service that workforce) made for the Australian industry, by Australians. For contractors and freelancers it’s an online platform to create, market and share your career story. For Austr...

freelancers, contractors, recruiters, employers

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Salary Fairy   New York, NY

Crowdsource your salary prediction. Login with LinkedIn and let Salary Fairy members predict your salary with collective wisdom. Salary Fairy members in your location and industry predict your salary based on your education, experience, and skills. Member predictions ar...

Professionals, Recruiting, Job Market

Image   Huddersfield, United Kingdom

We wanted to connect authors with the talent they need to get a good book out there. So we made, a marketplace for students, freelancers and businesses to sell services to authors. is a membership site, with members receiving access to a whole...

Social network, Publishing, Freelancing

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Swapskis   Halifax, Canada

Swapskis is a female-focused online community where members can save money and access the services they need to improve their businesses, homes, and lives by swapping their time and talents with other fab fems. Whether you’re on a mission to grow your clientele, sharpen y...

Students, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Moonlighters

Screen%20shot%202014 03 10%20at%2010.30.40%20pm   Australia, Melbourne

Regular automates billing and high-level reporting for companies requiring a subscription commerce solution. Users connect to our APIs, and we provide subscription management middleware on top of your payment gateway. But that's just the basics, also a powerful...

Saa S, Subscription, Business Intelligence, Ecommerce


Visulance   London, UK

Visulance is a new online platform that allows businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with freelancers quickly and easily without the need for employers to sign up. We simply let you connect to the people you need to be connected to. Whether you need a photographer f...

freelance, Web, Business, Design

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swytchy   Perth, Western Australia

swytchy is an online marketplace which allows its customers to get in and out of their mobile phone contracts on their terms. swytchy connects people and businesses looking to exit their contracts with those seeking new ones. Contract holders: advertise their contract; of...

Marketplace, I Phone


MentorTrack   Australia, Melbourne

We understand that it is difficult to choose the right career path. What is even more challenging sometimes is getting the appropriate advice and guidance. MentorTrack is a platform to connect students to industry professionals and mentors to help kick-start conversations...

Social, Networking, Students, Careers

Suburbya facebook

Suburbya   Australia, Melbourne

Suburbya is a unique online marketplace founded in Melbourne, Australia, for people looking to complete household tasks by experienced professionals and those willing to complete chores and errands without the hassle of contacting agencies or other businesses directories....

Online marketplace, Service Networking, Social Media, Trades

Screen%20shot%202014 03 16%20at%207.19.36%20am   New York, NY

Simply put, TubeTnr is a worldwide platform that changes the way we create, discover, and promote talent. It is a level playing field that identifies talent because the talent is good not just because the performer had life circumstance or uses shock jock tactics. It is a...

Entertainment, music, arts, sports


BudoKin   Sydney, Australia

BudoKin is a place that genuine martial artists can come to separate the cream from the milk by connecting with like minded individuals, and sharing quality videos and articles from systems and styles around the world. "Budo" means martial in Japanese, and "Kin" is short ...

Video, Blogging, Sharing, Martial Arts

Hq surveillance

Anionu   Australia, Brisbane

Anionu is a cloud-based home and business security solution that helps you protect the people, places and things you care about, from under $10 a month. Easy do it yourself setup, anywhere, anytime, and a beautiful HMTL5 interface that you'll love using, on any device.

Cloud Computing, SaaS, Security, Surveillance

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Jumpstarter   Stockholm, Sweden

Jumpstarter is a next-generation hosting platform for web developers, which makes it super fast and really easy to create and launch websites. It enables you to get up and running with your project in less than one second. Literally. It will also automatically adapt the s...

Web development, Web design, Hosting

Screen%20shot%202014 02 10%20at%202.06.59%20pm

StylePuzzle   Chicago, IL

For most women, the first thing that bothers them every morning when they wake up is “what to wear”, even though they have their closet full of clothes. Despite the large amount of fashion social apps out there, people, especially women, still need fashion suggestions tha...

Fashion, Social, mobile shopping, machine learning

Lifestyle productshot

Lifelong   Sydney, Australia

When people think about the world of "self-help", they often think about a big personality with a big smile,in a big room in front of a big audience, each willing to pay a big price tag. But the truth is, happiness exists in the small things we do. Taking small steps to...

Consultancy, Online Courses, Self Help


Duvamis   Europe, Bulgaria

Duvamis is the first completely anonymous social media, that aims to create online environment for sharing and interactions among all free and creative users around the world, without social, regional, individual or group barriers and restrictions.

Android, Web, I Os

Big beatsend betalist

BeatSend   Copenhagen, Denmark

BeatSend makes it possible for musicians and bands to send their music to over 350 music blogs and sites at once, thereby greatly increasing their chance of receiving media coverage, promotion and getting the attention of influential tastemakers.

Email, music, Musicians, Pr

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SpeakerZen   Athens, Greece

SpeakerZen aims to create the biggest speaker community. We enable speakers to evaluate and brand themselves and also increase their social media exposure. Through their SpeakerZen profile, speakers will be able to show their achievements and make themselves available to ...

professional speaker, event management

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Oddswop   Sydney, Australia

Oddswop is Pinterest meets craigslist or Gumtree. Classifieds leave a lot to be desired and with too much stuff unwanted at home, it's time to rehome them by selling or giving things away. Oddswop’s Communities is a new feature of Oddswop and are niche classifieds sites...

Marketplace, classifieds, community, whitelabel


IdeaSparked   TX, Dallas

IdeaSparked is a simple Idea Management tool for Entrepreneurs. IdeaSparked is what we created for Entrepreneurs like ourselves who need a way to quickly add, manage, and track their countless ideas.

Entrepreneurs, Web App, Ideas, Saa S

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Snippet Repo   Australia, Brisbane

Snippet Repo is a members-only code repository for developers to share useful code snippets. It aims to help developers by providing them a space to store their code snippets in addition to learning new things and being a part of an exclusive community.

Programming, Web development, Web, Coding

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Wishberg   India, Mumbai

Wishberg is the place where the world shares their wishes, and inspires others with their achievements. Post every wish you have. All things you want to do in one beautiful wishlist for Life. Build, manage and achieve your wishes on Wishberg. Start today.

Social, Networking


Noticed   The Netherlands, Amsterdam

We all love it when people remember the things that are important to us. It doesn’t matter if it is an exciting date, a promotion you are striving for or simply the name of your partner. And when people do notice and remember these personal memories, it makes us feel spec...

Social Networking, Thoughtfullness, Remembering, I Phone App

Screenshot%202014 02 18%2006.54.52

Collabo   New York, USA

Collabo is an invite-only video chat community where those who kick ass on a daily basis talk shop. Learn something new, discover a partner- in-crime, or dole out some worldly advice, all from the comfort of your own computer. It just may be the missing piece to your succ...

Video chat, freelance, online community


Cleverflow   Europe, Baltics

Cleverflow is an online platform for project/tasks management within small (up to 20 members) teams practising Agile/Lean principles. Easy setup and intuitive interface lets users to start managing their work in just couple minutes. Real time updates and visual board help...

Saa S, Agile, Kanban


Unblock   New York, USA

Unblock is an unblocking tool. Unblock any website using our zero-configuration proxy technology. Stay anonymous and ensure your privacy. It's free and it just works. Your privacy is well concealed as you only access the unblock website while we do the actual fetching ...

Internet, Software

Zocko home

Zocko   Jakarta, Indonesia

Zocko is a tool for social influencers to monetize their audience at blogs and social media. Connecting brands with influencers, half-way between social media and e-commerce, providing the technology to create native content around e-commerce products for rewarding your i...

Affiliate Marketing, Influence Monetization, Lead Generation, E Commerce

Video still pointing at ipad

Sonation   Boston, Massachusetts

Hearing all the music while you play—getting the complete picture—lets you learn faster and develop your sound and your voice. And because it’s so much fun, you get more out of practicing with Cadenza. Record yourself playing with great orchestras and chamber musicians, e...

Music Performance, Teaching

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Classifi   Brooklyn, NY

We are developing a socially-integrated classified advertising platform that can function both as a standalone site and as a white-label solution. Classifi provides users with a transparent, secure and safe way to buy online. No more wondering if the gadget you bought...

online classifieds, classifieds, craigslist

Voucherful%20logo uk   Kraków, Poland is owned and operated by International Coupons, the company that owns a chain of voucher code related sites. Registered in Poland, the Group applies the same solutions that allowed it to become the leading brand on the Norwegian, Danish and Polish markets...

Mobile, Web

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